Retirees' League

The Balfour Retirees' League gathers each Thursday morning during the golf season from late April through to the end of September.

If you are a gentleman, 50 years of age or older, have (or would like to have) a Golf Canada handicap, and your event calendar is blank on Thursday mornings, you are eligible to join our Retirees' League. 

Each week groups will be determined by a 'lottery draw' from our weekly sign up sheet which can be found using the link below.  Please put your name on the sheet by 2 pm Tuesday of each week in order to guarantee inclusion in the Thursday draw.





Starting times vary during the season and are scheduled as follows:

  • May & September: 9:30 am
  • June thru August: 8:30 am

Thursday Retiree's is a largely non-competitive group with light, weekly games for fun.  Annual Retiree's Initiation is $20 with weekly entry for our Retiree's League set at $7.  Prize distribution will be via Golf Shop Merchandise Credit with available prizes based primarily on handicapped play.  Here is a little more information on what to expect from our Thursday Retiree's league in 2024.



Weekly events will primarily be 'play your own ball' games with a few team or scramble games spread throughout the season.  Prize allocation each week will be based on 90% of the weekly entry fee's collected with the excess added to a slush fund available for capital improvements or a luncheon.  Check out the link to our Retiree's League Events Calendar below for more detailed information.




Season-Long Team Event

All League members will be randomly assigned to one of four teams, WHITE, BLACK, BLUE & RED.  Once per month, team points will be up for grabs using the best three net scores from each team.  The Team Finale event in September will use the best five scores from each team.  Points are awarded as follows:

  • Winning Team = 8 points
  • Second place = 5 points
  • Third place = 3 points

The teams with the highest points total will be awarded prizes in the form of merchandise credit to be split amongst active team members as follows:

  • First place = $250
  • Second place = $125

Please wear your team colours whenever possible on team event weeks.

Eclectic (ringers) Net Tournament

An eclectic net score is determined by selecting your best net score on each hole throughout the season.  The lowest 18-hole score wins the tournament.  Our Smart Golf software will compile this information for us so all you need to do is play and let the computer figure out the rest. 

Prizes paid out in Merchandise Credit as follows:

  1. $100
  2. $75
  3. $50
  4. $25

Hole-in-One Fund

A member of the Retiree's League who scores a hole-in-one during a league event is eligible for to following prize:

  • $200 to be spent on beverages on any Thursday during the season
  • $50 Merchandise Credit

Annual events are funded by the annual Retiree's League Membership Fee.  Any excess in Membership Fee's may be used to supplement weekly prizes, a luncheon or contribution to Balfour Golf capital improvements.  Any shortfall in fee's will be drawn from previous (or next) year funds.


Pace of Play - is extremely important.  Expected finish times from the WHITE tee's are as follows:

  • No more than 4:10 hours for a foursome
  • 3:55 for a threesome

To promote an acceptable pace of play, the Balfour Retiree's League will adopt the following for all league events:

  • Putts within 18" will always be considered good (a gimmie).  Gimmie's beyond 18" will be at the discretion of your playing partners and should be avoided when the stroke is likely to affect pay-outs.
  • Maximum score on any hole of 4 over par.  Pick your ball up should you be at or destined to exceed 7 on a par three, 8 on a par four or 9 on a par five.
  • Local Retiree's rule for unexpected lost ball when no provisional was played - drop a ball 15 yards behind your normal centre of the fairway tee shot and proceed with stroke and distance penalty
  • Observe modern rules of golf such as 3 minutes, not 5, for search of a lost ball
  • Continuous putting is encouraged and,
  • Play READY GOLF!

Rain or Shine

  • if the weather is poor, there's always coffee and cards in the club house.