Superintendents Update for June, 2022

June 7, 2022

Hello Balfour Golfers,

Can you believe it's already June!?!  The cool, damp weather we've been receiving from Mother Nature lately sure has made the grass happy!  It's growing so loud it keeps me awake at night.  It has also made for some fairly tough lies in the rough.  Sorry about that, but rest assured we're mowing regularly to keep it as playable as possible.

You may have noticed that we are now mowing a a semi-rough or step cut around fairways and collars.  Once this new cut is fully established it will allow for a friendlier lie if you happen to trickle off the fairway or collar.  The idea with the step cut is to make your round here in Balfour as enjoyable as possible.

The new tee's and bunker renovations that were completed last fall are now in play and from what I've been hearing, are being well received.  This fall we plan to continue the construction of more forward tee's following Golf Canada recommendations for suggested yardages.  We also plan to continue with bunker renovations, starting with lowering the lip on the pot bunker fronting the fifth green, similar to the completed renovation that you now see done on the pot bunker fronting the third green.  As with the new step cut, these changes are aimed to help improve your Balfour golf experience each time you spend your day with us.

Your grounds crew, golf shop staff, fellow golfers and I ask that you refrain from using our bunkers and/or power carts for disposal of your cigarette or cigar butts.  It is your responsibility to dispose of this garbage and all staff have been instructed NOT to handle butts left of the golf course.

Thank you to everyone who has sent positive feedback regarding our new tee markers.  These were custom made locally by CB Contracting located at crescent beach.  A lot of time and effort went into developing what we feel are functional as well as attractive, unique to Balfour tee markers.

Now that the worst of COVID-19 is in our rear view, we are once again asking that you remember to either replace your divots or start regularly using the divot mix that we provided to you.   There are divot mix bottles on all power carts and by our shoe clean station for anyone choosing to walk.  If your divot is wet and juicy and makes a thump when it hits the ground, please replace it and step down firmly.  If you produce a sallow divot please use the sand/seed mixture.  Your fellow golfers thank you!

As always, if you like the playing conditions in Balfour, please tell all of your golfing buddies.  If you don't like what you see, please tell me.

Larry Olson, Superintendent

Balfour Golf Course

[email protected][email protected]