Superintendent Larry Olson brings home BCGSA Top Honour!

December 20, 2022

I am so very happy to announce today that our Superintendent, Larry Olson, has recently been awarded the Superintendent of the Year award for British Columbia!  This annual award given out by the BC Golf Course Superintendents Association is one which is voted on by fellow BCGSA members and is the top honour within their association annually. 

If you have spent any time golfing in Balfour over the past number of years, I'm certain that you'll attest to how much our property and golf course have evolved in a rather sort period of time.  The past two season in particular Larry and his team have massively upped our game and our reputation within the industry is starting to spread.  Every season we're seeing more and more golfers show up because they had heard there was something special happening out here and needed to come and check things out for themselves. 

It goes without saying that Larry did not make all of these changes happen single-handedly.  He has absolutely got one heck of a strong and dedicated team working with him to help bring his vision to life!  This award is testament to his ability to inspire those that work alongside him through leadership, passion, knowledge, networking and drive to present the best possible product.

Learn more about Larry's history in our area and his thoughts on receiving this award via this Nelson Daily press release right HERE

If you would like to send Larry a quick note of appreciation you can do so by clicking HERE.  Let's inundate his inbox with all the warm and fuzzies shall we!! 

Maybe you'd like to help us spread the word to the Balfour curious golfer?  Let them know about your experience gracing our fairways by leaving us a google review right HERE

Let's face it, Balfour is best known for being home to the worlds longest free ferry ride and not so much as a meca for great golf.  For Larry to bring home this award while being up against the big budget, brand name facilities throughout BC is a BIG deal.  He's about as humble as they come 'ol Super Larry so I certainly have no issue in pumping his tires a bit and hope you will to.  He deserves it!


Craig Wilkinson
General Manager
Balfour Golf & Recreation