Balfour Golf & Recreation

Balfour Golf & Recreation comprises several community use recreation facilities in the Balfour area including the beautiful Balfour Golf Course.  All facilities are operated and maintained by the Balfour Recreation Commission (BRC), a not for profit society whose mission is to:


Operate and maintain community use facilities in the Balfour area.  The BRC aims to promote healthy living and community spirit while building a network of community resources as a base for future events and community development.


In addition to the Balfour Golf Course, the BRC is responsible for the operation and maintenance the Balfour Community Hall, the Balfour Fitness Center & Community Play Ground, The Balfour Playing Field & Tennis Courts, and the Balfour public wharf.

The Balfour Recreation Commission, despite the misleading name, is not a government entity nor does it receive any government funding to support its operations.  All overhead costs for all facilities is the responsibility of the BRC.  Support from our community, both financial and time related, is crucial to the ongoing viability of all BRC operations.