Solar Power Production

In the summer of 2018, through support recieved via RDCK Community Works Funding and the Columbia Basin Trust, the Balfour Recreation Commission was able to install Solar PV systems to two of its buildings.  Solar PV deployment in our area had seen limited growth when compared to other regions of Canada and this project was a big step in the right direction for increasing visibility and locally sourced information for what distributed electricity generation can do for communities, non-profit societies and businesses in the West Kootenay's.

This project is supported by Nelson Hydro's Net Metering Program where by any power generated beyond the needs of each facility will be added to their distributon grid, ultimately reducing the need for procurement of power produced from outside of our region.  In the three reporting years since these systems came 'on grid', the Balfour Recreation Commission has relised savings upwards of $15,000 which in turn has increased our sustainability and allowed us to focus these funds on furthering community programming and engagement.

Dandelion Renewables was awarded the contract to install these Solar PV systems to the Balfour Golf Course Club House and the Balfour Community Hall.  Both Solar PV systems are set up with web-based monitoring meaning you simply need to click either of the buttons below to learn more about their respective power production.