Sponsorship Opportunities

Balfour Golf & Recreation is proud to partner with many local businesses and fellow non-profit organizations throughout our region.  Whether it be through our support of a coming fundraising initiative or through the variety of opportunities available for local business to showcase their brand, these relationships are important to us and to our mission of providing opportunity for healthy living and community spirit.


Are you involved with a local non-profit or small business looking for support of a coming event or fundraising initiative?  Does your organizations vison allign well with those of Balfour Golf & Recreation?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, we may just be ready to partner with you!  Please reach out to our General Manager via the e-mail link to the right for more information.



We offer multiple avenues for local small business to showcase their brand to what is often a whole new domographic of potential customers.  Whether it be through our Osprey Small Business Partnerships, our all new Hole Sponsorship program, our Men's Night Sponsorship program or through sponsorship of one or more of in-house events, we are confident that the added exposure will pay off for your business.